Why Work For TrendFlips?

Well, to be honest, we never leave home! Here at TrendFlips we work where and when we want. We find that we get the best content from regular ol’ Joes (and Janes) who are able to work in the environment and pace of their choosing.

We utilize open lines of communication so you can keep in touch with your manager and team members online - you’ll never be left in the dark! No questions go unanswered!

Need time off? No problem! We are not run by deadlines so if you need time to recover your health, take it! Get back on the horse when you are feeling better because we want you at your best when you work for us!

TrendFlips is proud of our diversity and we’re always looking to bolster our ranks and expand our reach. To apply for an off-site position with our company, simply email us at info@trendflips.com. A member of our team will be in touch if we feel you are a match for any of our positions.